Nine "earthy modern" designs handpicked by L.A. interior design firm Taylor + Taylor

Jess's Wish List

Jess and Jonathan Taylor of Los Angeles-based interiors firm Taylor + Taylor are true vintage treasure hunters. These partners in both life and work were drawn to each other through their shared love of perusing estate sales. Today, they are attracting quite a following with their charmingly spirited interiors—each with its own story to tell. We love how they strike a timeless balance between flavor and function and how they never shy away from a good vintage patina, preferring, in their words, "genuine wear to faux distress." 

Whereas Jonathan's approach tends toward the minimalist and controlled, Jess's preferences are a bit more complicated. In her perfect world, she would have two homes—one in which she handpicks each piece with great care and keeps it the same forever, while, at the same time, she redecorates the other once a month to keep feeding her insatiable creative appetite.

In the case of Taylor + Taylor, the sum is greater than the parts. Bring these two together and the result is a highly welcoming "earthy modernism," as they like to call it. Read on to discover nine handpicked, well considered designs for a dining room that encapsulate the Taylors' refreshing and characterful style.


1960s Swedish Gateleg Table (1960s)

"We love a dining table that communicates years of use and history. The patina on this Swedish pine gateleg gives it story and character that will wonderfully contrast with the more elegant materials used in the other pieces."


1970s Dining Chairs by Willy Rizzo for Cidue

"The curve on these chairs by Willy Rizzo is subtle against an already busy dining table. Because the legs of the dining table are more complex in form, the simplicity of the base on these chairs helps the eye not feel overwhelmed. We also love how the leather tones; the rich texture will play well with the art and ceramic pieces."


Carolin Pendant Lamp with Counterweight by Hans Agne Jakobsson

"This light fixture by Hans-Agne Jakobsson is a gorgeous modern utilitarian piece that would pair nicely against the varying textures, shapes, and tones of the pieces it hangs over."

1960s Oak Vitrine by Børge Mogensen for Karl Andersson & Söner

"One always needs a place to store dishware for special occasions, and this piece by Børge Mogensen is a gorgeous way to feature your favorite ceramic pieces. The form of this design is subtle and functional while also elevating the other pieces."


Mixed Carafe & Mixed Flutes by Felicia Ferrone for fferrone

"Because each of these flutes by Felicia Ferrone  is handblown, it means there is a slight variation even within the entire set. Placing a glassware set like this on a tabletop is such an elegant way to bring varying texture and added personality."


Indigo Rain Dinner Plate by Faye Toogood for 1882 Ltd.

"The blue tones in these plates pair are  wonderful. Another great thing about these plates by Faye Toogood for 1882 Ltd. is that they are dishwasher and microwave safe—because who wants to hand wash dishes after hosting?"


Vintage Silver-Plated Savoy Cutlery by Henning Seidelin for Frigast

"The lines in this cutlery set play off the lines on the plates, adding texture to the tabletop setting and playing well with the geometric patterns in the art and rug."


Linen Napkins by Once Milano

"These Once Milano napkins are a subtle yet elegant addition to the bold tabletop pieces. The dyes in these handmade textiles are wonderfully saturated in tone. The fabric seems like our ideal in napkins: soft to the touch but durable for hosting."


Trascorso Vases by gumdesign for La Casa di Pietra

"These vases by gumdesign add dimension to the tabletop and elevate the space. The tones of the glazes pair beautifully with the various materials of the other items."


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