Pamono's editors spotlight a dozen more standout designs on sale this month!

Summer Sale Highlights II

Every August, Pamono hosts a special sale to give us all something to look forward to in the dog days of summer. Earlier this week, we shared a selection of seating deals. Now we turn our attention to everything else: tables, storage, and accessories. Of course this list isn't exhaustive—our Summer Sale collection is too big. But these pieces—presented in order of price low to high—caught our eye as we scanned the options on the hunt for amazing deals.


Contemporary Turkish Wool & Cotton Kilim Pillow Cover by Zencef Contemporary

Upcycling materials that would otherwise go to waste is among the most admirable trends in 21st-century design culture. Turkish brand Zencef Contemporary upcycles rugs that are no longer fit for sale for one reason or another. They salvage the pristine parts and make gorgeous throw pillows. And they are currently all on sale in the Pamono shop. Photo © Zencef Contemporary


1950s German Brass Clamp Lamp from PGH Beleuchtungskörper & Gerätebau

This ingenious midcentury German reading lamp is outfitted with a clamp so it can be attached to your headboard or whereever you might need it while relaxing with a great book. It also comes with a simple wood angle that supports the lamp when you'd rather use it as a table lamp. Photo © Fang Studio


1960s Turkish Wool Rug

The Summer Sale collection includes a number of attractive and delightfully discounted vintage rugs. We're drawn this is one because the colors are so vivid and the symbols are so charming. The dealer explains that this rug's iconography references running water—so important to the people of Anatolia. There's also a sign of the scorpion, which lends protection against the evil eye. Photo © Zencef


Contemporary Italian Cuore Porcelain Objet d'Art by Studiopepe

Speaking of color, contemporary Italian design duo Studiopepe rose to international prominence over the last half decade because their distinctive art direction projects always feature amazing color palettes. Studiopepe's Cuore Porcelian Collection is offered in range of hot red hues, from bordeaux to salmon. The deep pigmentation transforms these objets' d'art into objects of desire. Photo © Studiopepe


1940s-50s Swedish Argenta Stoneware Vase by Wilhelm Kåge for Gustavsberg

Wilhelm Kåge was a 20th-century Swedish master of ceramics. His work can be found in the permanent collections of museums around the wold, including the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. This vessel features an uncommon, super interesting shape, finished in Kåge's signature deep green glaze with silver accents. Photo © Studio Laurin


1970s Turkish Hand Woven Goat Hair Kilim Rug

So far we've spotlighted Summer Sale designs that boast bold colors. But neutrals can be just as eye-catching. This 1970s-era Turkish rug is timelessly simple in charcoal with offset white lines. The wool is high quality, the condition is excellent, and the style is suitable to wide variety of interiors. Photo © Vintage Pillow Store


1950s Belgian Iron & Wood Postal Desk

We're not sure who has space for this or exactly how they might use it, but this vintage "desk" sourced from a post office in Belgium is truly fantastic. This striking midcentury design deserves a new home and a 2nd life. Photo © Bold Design


1960s Italian Arco Desk Table by BBPR for Olivetti

BBPR  was a highly influential Milanese architecture and design studio founded in 1932 by Gian Luigi Banfi, Lodovico Barbiano di Belgiojoso, Enrico Peressutti, and Ernesto Nathan Rogers. The collective was instrumental in disseminating modernist, functialist principles in Italy, and their Arco Desk design has achieved iconic status. Don't miss the opporuntiy to own a piece of design history for less than the cost of new desk. Photo © Old Era


19th-Century Empire-Style Walnut Dresser

Empire-style furniture flourished among the upper classes in Europe and the US in the early 19th century, around the time that Jane Austen published Emma. Often incorportating motifs drawm from ancient Rome and Egypt, it's grand but not too showy, stately but also homey. This Empire-style walnut dresser is in fine condition, made for those who who aspire to be "handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and a happy disposition." Photo © Andrea Fiori Gallery


1970s Steel & Glass Dining Table by Luigi Saccardo for Armet-Maison Jansen

Italian designer Luigi Saccardo is known for Space Age forms and jet set style. This brushed steel and glass table is the perfect case in point. It was made in Italy, but distributed by Maison Jansen, the legendary French house of chic that catered to 20th-century celebrities and aristocrats. Photo © Vintrieur


1960s Danish Gateleg Table by Hvidt & Mølgaard-Nielsen for France & Søn

Midcentury Danish furniture designs by Hvidt & Mølgaard-Nielsen frequently appear in the Pamono shop, and they always sell well. This gateleg table in solid teak, though, is not so common. It features detailed brass ball hinges that allow the piece to fold down when not in use, which makes it ideal for space-challenged contemporay appartments. Photo © Odo Vintage


1950s French Wood Armoire by André Sornay

French designer André Sornay is just the coolest—a pioneer that straddled the Art Deco and modernist eras, known for minimalist, sculptural forms with alluring proportions and palettes. We're in love with this piece's restrained yet graphic facade in brown and cream hues. Photo © Dada Objet Trouvé


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