Fresh trends that #SparkJoy

Spring Fling

Spring is upon us—that happiest of seasons—and it’s time to bring some of that optimism, vitality, and freshness indoors to breath new life into the interiors where you’ve been hiding out over the long winter! As much as the hygge of a winter interior can be comforting, there’s no question that all that snuggling can make things feel a bit stale once the temperatures finally start rising.

The quickest way to refresh things? According to our recent interview with globe-trotting, NYC-based interior designer Carolina von Humboldt, the first step is to make room: clean out tired-looking accessories, put unseasonable pieces into storage, take an honest look around you, and get rid of things that no longer "spark joy" (#konmari).

Next, consider palettes that will amplify the extra light that's finally flowing in from outside—nature-inspired hues, whites, and vibrant patterns are fantastic. Don’t forget to add a splash of greenery to literally bring the spring indoors. We’ve got you covered for how best to go green, no matter what your style. And if you’re looking for more concrete suggestions or inspiration, check out these effervescent and of-the-minute pieces that are putting a spring (get it!) in the step of many an interior designer this season.


Jungle Screen by Monica Gasperini

The Jungle Screen by Milanese designer Monica Gasperini is the very definition of lush. A vivid rainforest on one side and mirrored on the other (perfect for enhancing and distributing the abundant natural light around the room), it is not only an absolute attention-grabbing statement piece, but will also allow you to create sheltered niche spaces within a larger interior—just the thing after a big spring clean out!


Beechwood Chair with Tropical Sanderson Fabric by Photoliu

Capturing a similarly luscious vibe in a slightly more restrained way, Photoliu’s green Beechwood Chair with it’s wonderfully graphic, printed upholstery will provide a fabulous pop of color that’ll look divine with some potted greenery or fresh cut flowers. Plus the silhouette is classic enough that this piece will work in just about any style of interior.


Jungle Bôa Rattan Sofa by At-Once for Orchid Edition

The gorgeous Jungle Bôa sofa by At-Once for Orchid Edition simultaneously hits three of the key spring moods—a bright, enlivening print; verdant palette; and rattan frame for that casual Boho vibe. A home run for the spring season!


Birds Multi Rug from Tikau & Floral Rug from Knots Rugs

Rugs are a fantastic way to refresh an interior that’s feeling a bit stale. Simply roll up the old one and put it in storage for next winter, and bring in something bright and bubbly—or pastel and pretty—to put you in the mood for spring! The Birds Multi Rug from Tikau is upbeat and bright, whilst also maintaining a hint of that Scandinavian Modern style in the pattern. The Japanese Floral Rug from Knots Rugs , on the other hand, offers a more refined, monochromatic approach to a spring update of your floors.


Blink Coffee Table by Un’common

There’s something about the brilliance of white furniture in a spring interior—all that light being bounced around the place—that just feels like the embodiment of a breath of fresh air after a long winter. There’s absolutely oodles to choose from, no matter what your style inspiration, like the luxurious, mid-century Vintage Model 1672 Lounge Chairs from Fritz Hansen or the contemporary glam of the Blink Coffee Table by Un’common. Just add foliage for an über fresh spring awakening.


Colorful Classics by Yngve Ekström & Hans Wegner

A classic piece in a bold palette can be just the thing to pump up the volume in a space. We adore this Yngve Ekström Mid-Century Circle Chair for Swedese in acid-green and tangerine—so wrong it’s definitely right. And these 1960s Model AP 16 Lounge Chairs by the legendary Hans Wegner combine classic Scandinavian modernist elegance with a splash of whimsy.


Jardin Crème Wallpaper by Nathalie Lété for Moustache

Last but clearly not least, Nathalie Lété’s Jardin Crème Wallpaper for cult-brand Moustache will give you the exuberant energy of spring blooming all year round! This one is absolutely not for wall-flowers!


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