Eight ways to style the ongoing matte black trend

Paint It Black

From kitchen cabinets and bathrooms fixtures to furniture and decorative accents, matte black has animated the current interior design conversation. High performance surface finishes for both metal and a variety of woods are allowing designers to experiment with new, low-reflective black surfaces that make a bold statement through angular, geometric planes and articulated lines and curves.

Managing to be both daring and understated, of-the-minute and inherently timeless, the matte black trend lends itself to minimalist, brutalist, and industrial interiors particularly well, but there are also myriad ways of bringing a touch of this powerfullly chic contemporary expression into just about any space.

Read on for some suggestions for a cool, matte black update from a small furniture addition with clever storage included to large, statement pieces.


Bloom Box Black Consoles by Un’common

The Bloom Box Black Console by Polish brand Un’common is based on a modernist planter archetype but receives a contemporary, minimalist update with the coated black steel finish. The great thing about this piece is that it is totally multifunctional. Perfect as a storage box in the hall, or as a planter to display greenery in a living space or even on the balcony. Your choice of plant-life here could either soften or accentuate the stark shape of the effortlessly cool Bloom Box.


Chiodo Tables by Marco Ripa

Similarly, the Chiodo Tables by Italian designer-producer Marco Ripa are multipurpose design genius. A sleek and practical set of accent tables, the Chiodos also handily incorporate bottle storage. Perfect for entertaining!


Black Batea Coffee Tables with Storage by Daniel García Sánchez for Woodendot

Spanish designer Daniel García Sánchez's Black Batea Coffee Tables for Woodendot represents a slightly less angular take on the trend-of-the-moment, without losing any of the insouciant-cool appeal. The matte black tabletop offers the perfect backdrop for well-chosen accessories in white or gold for a dramatic yet refined effect. And there’s even a nifty storage compartment hidden within!


Diagonal Wall Baskets by Andreasson & Leibel for Swedish Ninja

Swedish Ninja is a brand that always manages to be wonderfully on trend, and the Swedish brand's Diagonal Wall Baskets are no exception. Designed by Andreasson & Leibel, the handy wall storage compartments are the ideal combo of decorative and practical—and the matte powder coated steel in black makes a striking visual statement.


Magpie Black Shelfs by Richard Bell for Psalt Design 

The Magpie Black Shelf by British designer Richard Bell for his own brand Psalt Design is the perfect piece to highlight artworks, photos, and objets d’art in a wall display. Curate your own varying ensembles of keepsakes, books, postcards, or whatever else takes your fancy—no need to move hooks or get out the hammer and nails.


Angel Table Lamps by Elia Mangia for STIP

The Angel Table Lamp by Italian designer Elia Mangia for his brand STIP comes in a range of monochromatic variations, but the matte black version is definitely the most charismatic. The graphic circular lampshade exudes sculptural minimalism while turned-off. And when its lit, it creates an atmospheric, indirect glow. Simple and stunning.


BIG IRONY Tables by Maurizio Peregalli for Zeus

For those ready to plunge headfirst into the bold matte-black look, Italian designer Maurizio Peregalli's BIG IRONY Table for Zeus is about as monolithic as it gets. Nearly three meters in length, the raw steel frame is archteypal and dominating—a commanding centerpiece that encourages interpretation through the curation of your personalized of accessories and seating.


Celine Armchair by Jader Almeida for Sollos

Last, but certainly not least, check out the gorgeous curves of the award-winning Celine Armchair by Brazian designer Jader Almeida for Sollos. The matte black finish on the ash frame accentuates the elegant and masterfully executed curved joints. The winner of the IF Design Award in 2018, this chair is definitely going down in the history books; a bona fide future classic.


*All images courtesy of the designers and makers


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