Max Sauze


The History of Max Sauze

Born in Algeria in 1933 sculptor and designer Max Sauze is internationally recognised for his innovative lamps. Sauze studied at the Ecole des Beaux in Algiers between 1953 and 1956 before moving to the Ecole Comondo in Paris in 1956. His designs are characterised by the construction of bent aluminium strips on steel wire structures. His style is simple, prioritising what is essential and minimising the superfluous.


The Designs & Style of Max Sauze

Sauze used aluminium particularly innovatively, making geometric forms with it. He designed a series of lamps which were dubbed light sculptures for their shared qualities with sculpture. Most famous of these is the pendant light Orion, from 1960. In addition to the way light is filtered from the bulb to create a soft light free from glare, Sauze lamps are extremely decorative in themselves. They are unique and instantly recognisable as none other than Sauze. His lamps fit any interior, contemporary or traditional and are objects of intrigue. They stimulate the imagination while adding a playful touch to a room. The designs remain extremely relevant and influential to modern design. His son Sebastien Sauze continues his legacy of marrying art with craftsmanship at company EKILUX.


Max Sauze at PAMONO

Pamono’s carefully curated collection includes a number of classic Max Sauze pieces. Selecting the right lamp can immediately change the ambiance or mood in a room. A Max Sauze lamp is especially decorative. These light sculptures stand from a base on the floor, sit on a surface or hang from the ceiling. Each takes a unique organic form inspired by nature. Max Sauze’s designs match our ethos for unique, hand crafted, quality pieces made from the best materials. Pamono only features the best items from the best dealers so if you buy a lamp with Pamono you are guaranteed the highest quality.