Johannes Andersen


The History of Johannes Andersen

Danish interior designer Johannes Andersen was born in Aarhus, Denmark in 1903. After finishing his apprenticeship in 1922, Andersen received his certificate as a skilled cabinet maker. For several years he worked for various workshops, constantly designing pieces of furniture. In the middle of the 1930s, when Danish furniture had started to gain international attention, Andersen was finally able to open his own architectural workshop. His career was propelled forward in the late 1950s and early 1960s, as Denmark’s working class had experienced a surge in income, with many choosing to move to new houses and buy scandinavian style furniture


Scandinavian Design and the Work of Johannes Andersen

Andersen began working for Swedish and Norwegian furniture factories, notably Swedish manufacturer Trensum. Andersen for Trensum designed a series of rosewood and teak coffee tables in organic shapes, with the Capri sofa and sofa-table series being amongst the most sought-after of his designs. Another one of Andersen’s stand out pieces was his Allegra stool which was designed in 1961. The simple lines to this stool offer a classic and timeless appeal. The concave shape of the seat is sculpted to cradle the body, creating the perfect balance between comfort and design. The strong wood base of the stool highlights the natural organic elements of the design, appealing to minimalist and modern tastes.


Notable Designs by Johannes Andersen

Johannes Andersen is best known for his coffee tables designs of which he had almost innumerable variations, bar stools and counter tops. When he came to shutting the doors of his drawing office at the age of 80, he had established himself as an internationally acclaimed furniture designer, as well as having been a major contributor to Danish design throughout the 20th Century. Andersen passed away in 1991.