Arne Norell


The History of Arne Norell

Swedish furniture designer Arne Norell was born in 1917. In 1954, Norell started his own workshop in Stockholm, Sweden with just two employees. Four years later he moved his business to Småland, where he founded the company Möbel AB Arne Norell, today known as Norell Möbel AB. It remains one of Sweden’s leading manufacturers of chairs.

Arne Norell’s design portfolio

Norell’s style embodied versatility, experimenting with a wealth of different material combinations. He used wood, leathers, metal and a variety of fabrics to create his furniture, such as Dining Chairs and Lounge Chairs , and his designs focused primarily on comfort and ease. Perhaps Norell’s most iconic piece is the Ari armchair that he designed in 1966, which has stood for the past 40 years as Norell Möbel AB’s flagship model. Renowned for both its elegance and comfort, the Ari chair was awarded the prestigious “Showpiece of the Year” in 1973 by the British Furniture Manufacturers. Other notable pieces of Arne Norell include the Safari Sirocco chair (1964), and the 40 year old constructive masterpieces of Inca and Ilona, designed without the use of glue or screws and instead held together by a strong leather support.

Arne Norell until today

Arne Norell died in 1971, where his daughter, furniture designer Marie Norell-Möller took the reins of Norell Möbel AB. Many of his designs came into production after his death, and his company continues to manufacture these mid century Design Classics whilst simultaneously incorporating new trends into their furniture.